Cloud Footwear is a brand established in 2012. From early thoughts on design, a creative path was set to answer on this mission statement: to create a collection of shoes that are light and comfortable yet design-led and trendy.
Our collections are developed and produced under the approval stamp of our mother company, Joia Calçado S.A.: a family-owned business established in 1973 in the renowned footwear hub of Felgueiras, near Porto, in sunny Portugal.

The scope of the brand is to follow the significance of its name, rooted in the desire to conquer freedom, lightness and playfulness. We invite you to walk on the clouds of fashion with us.

We based our identity on a set of beliefs that embody our way of life: when designing a pair of Cloud shoes, we think about life on the outside and a natural approach to lifestyle and interaction with the natural elements.
Cloud is about a life of adventure, where every step takes you closer to the sky. Discovering new facets of nature has never been so enjoyable. We call it natural evolution. Why? Because watching the subtleties of nature, inspired us to create a new generation of comfort footwear: flexible, light and soft!

We enjoy every step of the creative process so you can enjoy your every step wearing a new pair of Cloud shoes. Our ultimate goal is to provide a product that is so enjoyable to wear you will want to wear it all the time.

We believe that walking the distance to a better way of life goes hand in hand with respecting the environment so we propose eco-friendly shoes that will take our customer in that journey.
Our energy is channeled towards designing and producing high quality footwear that is comfortable and fun to wear, made with continuous attention to detail and concern for the environment. Our mission is to create the next generation of comfort footwear, capable of inspiring people by design and quality, inviting them to join us in the quest for a better way of life.

We set all our creative juices to follow these beliefs:

• We love what we do, we breathe and think footwear all the time,
• We are positive, happy people, with a creative mindset,
• We have a strong social responsibility towards our employees, suppliers and customers since the start of our family business over 40 years ago,
• We have a serious approach to the environment and keep an attitude of continuous improvement over materials and processes used in our production,
• We will continue to develop and implement internal policies that will make us a better place for our employees to work at, and a better partner to our suppliers and clients in years to come.